An integrated accounting program that helps you manage all your public accounts and everything related to accounting, finance and electronic billing in line with the requirements of the General Authority for Zakat and Income

The mobile application, the desktop application, and the web application are interconnected to control from anywhere and at any time with all your accounts

For more flexibility in dealing, allowing a set of powers on sub-systems, on menus, and on buttons

A group of interconnected sub-systems to organize your accounts better and faster


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Accounting and financial management system

Through the No. platform, you can manage all financial management operations with ease and professionalism, from following up on reports, account statements, and accounting for expenses and revenues.

HR & Payroll Management System

The human resources system through a number system compatible with the work systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where you can follow up attendance and leave by linking with the different fingerprint systems, salary routing, social and medical insurances and end-of-service benefits for employees. It also provides a mobile application that enables employees and human resources supervisors to submit and follow up on special requests Staff with ease and professionalism.

Sales & Point of sale system

From pricing to issuing invoices, you can manage sales operations in a safe and easy way, issuing and following up on quotations, collections, and reports on sales and sales representatives, regardless of the number of representatives or branches.

Inventory & Purchasing System

The system provides a professional model number for managing the procurement cycle inside the facility, starting with issuing supply orders, recording invoices, and migrating them to warehouses, reports on purchases and returns, and following up on supplier accounts.

Customer Relationship Management System

A number system provides a CRM system, which enables you to record a customer database and follow up the movement of sales representatives, potential customers and new customers, moment by moment together

Project management system and cost centers

This system helps commercial and service establishments alike, such as contracting companies in particular and maintenance services, from restricting the number of tasks and working hours on projects and linking them to clients.

Manufacturing system and production lines

Clear and seamless management of the entire manufacturing process for workshops, small factories, workstations, raw material flows, cost and batch ratios

Warehouse & warehouse management system

You can add an unlimited number of warehouses within a single facility with a tight control system where you can easily add items within warehouses and the costs of each item, follow the movement of items within warehouses, validity dates, combinations, and the most popular items, as well as transfers between warehouses, inventory operations, and calculating the cost of items based on purchases and accurate reports within the system

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